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Sep 25, 2010

Raising the Bar

These are exciting times for us all. Zigzag magazine has expanded to include artists and writers across the map. As if the pool of Ringling students were not diverse enough, there will be an amazing convergence of styles in these upcoming issues...a better reflection of what is happening in art everywhere.

Ringling students: this will be your chance to be published with not only the obscure treasures, but popular peeps as well! And for those of you who already realize the potential for Zigzag, know that we are currently recruiting a STREET TEAM. Contact us for more info on how you can help Zigzag fuel the fire (we need printers, promoters, and color copy donors).

Not only that, we are preparing to launch a website and soon we will install a newzbox at our first local distribution hub. Big E's Sweets & Gourmet is a ramshackle coffee house across from Ringling College. People who read political texts and play chess tend to congregate there. I once met a guy at Big E's who told me about how he learned to survive in the desert without food for a week.

(In the photo: Brett Lindstrom and the late nite graffiti crew.)

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