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Nov 26, 2010

Back Issues

If you're curious to see how Zigzag started, here's your chance. I just uploaded PDF versions of the back issues to our server. A big wet thanks to Corey Ryan for the subdomain.
Click to preview or rightclick to download (each is about 30mb):




The first issue came out in April of 2010. We agreed to print anything people sent to us (with the exception of the proverbial MS PAINT dongs) and ended up with a few gems. Karen Arango was proudly featured in the centerfold. This was the debut of N.O. Moriar (a mystery to this day) and Clay Barclay. The release of Zigzag #1 required a cardboard sign made out of a PBR box. Suffice to say, the campus security guards were not amused.

With the three of us meeting in the graphic design labs on a regular basis, it became apparent we were serious about producing our own 'zine. About a month later, Zigzag #2 went to print. The design was tighter and the content was fairly cohesive. This second issue continued to feature a mix of poems, drawings, photographs, and single page comics. The contributors were predominantly Ringling students from various majors. Fine artist Matt Coombs had a re-occurring spot, as well as alumni Joey Heart, whose artwork floods the cover and the inside spread.

Zigzag #3 was a summer project. After painstakingly assembling a record 500 copies, we were ready to release it with a bang. The release show was a celebration of creative potential in a small city. Most notably, the third issue features photographs by Kenneth Sterling, short science fiction stories by Brett Bonnet (Nomads of the Nook), and comics by Danielle McDonough. The cover illustration is based on my experience at Jointcollective shows in Sarasota.

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